[Photographs: Kelly Bone]

In a few short years, Christine Moore's sea salt caramels became an iconic candy of Los Angeles. When she opened the Little Flower Candy Co. Café in Pasadena, Christine proved her prowess extended well beyond her wax paper wrapped caramels.

The bakery and café serve an array of sweet and savory baked goods. I haven't had a misstep, but for me, one rises to the top: the Honey Lavender Scone ($2.50). The scone is buttery with a relatively dry crumb. The salty-sweet body is balanced with perfumed icing and dusty blue lavender buds. Though lavender can teeter dangerously close to the flavor of laundry, the light candy crunch of the floral icing is akin to the shell of Les Anis de Flavigny's pastilles. The lavender is complemented by the hint of honey, whose warm floral air permeates each hunk of candied scone.

Little Flower Candy Co .
1424 W Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91105 (map)
626-304-4800; littleflowercandyco.com

About the author: Kelly Bone lives in Los Angeles writing The Vegetarian Foodie. She spends the rest of her time designing office cubicles... you might be sitting in one right now! Follow her on Twitter at @TheVegFoodie


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