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With the kind of high-gloss photos you'd expect to see in a fashion spread and a lascivious attitude reminiscent of punk, The Ice Creamists is a unique celebration of glorious, glorious ice cream.

An "ice creamist" is a person addicted to or obsessed with ice cream. Matt O'Connor is such a person. As the author of and man behind The Ice Creamists, O'Connor's roots are deep and strong. The book's introduction, a sprawling tale of childhood holidays, world travel, and government intrigue, is shot through with passionate fondness for pursuing, consuming, and elevating the frozen stuff beyond mere mortal dreams. It sets the stage for a dazzlingly colorful, hugely creative tour through the mind of a man mad about ice cream.

The Ice Creamists is the best kind of cookbook, one that allows you to borrow the hat of the creative mind that authored it. There are boutique ice creams, sorbettos, cocktails, sundaes and ice pops, all photographed in eye-popping displays. The recipes not only run the gamut of flavor, but also seasons, with stout and pumpkin ice creams to match winter temperatures.

From classic recipes like "The Custardy Suite" (traditional Italian crema ice cream) to booze-infused creations like "Lenin & Lime" (a gin and tonic sorbetto) and "Brainwash" (hard cider sorbetto), to the more unexpected "Cold Sweat" (chile, ginger, and lemongrass ice cream), we'll be cranking out the jams for the next two weeks.

Win A Copy!

Thanks to the generous folks over at Octopus Publishing, we are giving away five (5) copies of The Ice Creamists this week. All you have to do is tell us about your favorite ice cream in the comments section below!


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