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Pies are plenty popular here in the good old US of A. But they're largely limited to dessert. Across the pond (and further still), it's a different story. Savory pies have a long history in the UK, and author Angela Boggiano has made it her mission to explore them all in her love letter to the old standby, Pie.

Boggiano, a writer and food stylist who has honed her craft in various outlets of British food media, has composed a charming, artful homage to that savory or sweet treat so integral to the UK eating experience. From the very front cover spelling out the title in letters of crust, the entire book is warm, inviting, practically redolent of the recipes it contains.

Not surprisingly, a large percentage of Pie is dedicated to non-dessert dishes. There are impressively tall pies packed with minced meat, and molded pies with boiled eggs hidden inside. But once you hit the sweet pies, it's as if Boggiano has decided to pack in as much of a sugary punch as possible, leaving the reader drooling over creations like Cherry Custard Jalousie, Pear Frangipane Croustade. and the tooth-achingly indulgent Treacle Pie.

We'll be featuring all of the above, beginning with Peach and Apricot Amaretto Pie, a dessert that makes the most of all your summer stone fruit. Come along, but keep your fork. There's pie.

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Thanks to the generous folks over at Octopus Publishing, we are giving away five (5) copies of Pie this week. All you have to do pick your favorite pie in the comments section below!


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