[Photograph: Vanessa Courtier]

What to do when you've binged all you can on sweet stone fruit, yet have a bunch left over? Try a Pie. This recipe takes peaches, apricots, and amaretto and swaddles them in a sweet short pastry crust dusted with crushed amaretti cookies.

Tips: The "Amaretti biscuits" this recipe calls for are simply hard cookies flavored with apricot kernels. They can be found at nearly any Italian specialty shop. Double check to make sure you aren't buying the soft, chewy variety as they won't provide the crunchy texture necessary to properly finish the pie.

Food Fact: While it's easy to suss out what amaretti biscuits are, "pouring cream" is another matter. Pouring cream, which the recipe specifies is to be served over the sliced pie, is a designation given to cream with a fat content of 35%, which places it above half-and-half (10-18%) and below double cream (40-48%). Pouring cream is not labeled as such in the United States. Look for whipping cream, which is closest to the fat content you want.

As always with our Bake the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of Pie to give away.


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