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You probably recognize Talenti—their pints of gelato and sorbetto are pretty easy to spot on crowded supermarket freezer shelves thanks to their sleek packaging and flavors like Alphonso Mango and Blood Orange. Now, the 10 year old company is rolling out chocolate-covered gelato pops ($5.99/box of three). The first flavors available are Mediterranean Mint, Sea Salt Caramel, Black Raspberry, and Double Dark Chocolate. Here's what we thought.


Upon fracturing the outer chocolate layer of the Mediterranean Mint pop, you are rewarded with a creamy interior. The mint flavor is appropriately bold, and it mixes well with the melting dark chocolate. By extracting the chips from the classic mint chip flavor and converting them into a covering for the gelato, Talenti showcases the freshness of its minty flavor.


Next up was Sea Salt Caramel. Though the original Talenti flavor is a favorite of gelato bloggers the world over, the pops left something to be desired. The traditional gelato ancestor of this bar is delicious because the strong caramel flavor is balanced by the subtle saltiness of the embedded chocolate covered salt truffles. The bars' chocolate covering, along with the creamy caramel gelato, combine to obscure that indispensable trace of saltiness. What results is a still tasty but watered-down version of the original.


The Black Raspberry bar gained the Serious Eats office's overwhelming support. With the combination of chocolaty and fruity flavors, the pop is akin to a frozen raspberry covered in chocolate.


Lastly, we sampled the Double Dark Chocolate option. Not nearly as interesting as the previous three flavors, this bar afforded a satisfying dose of richness with its double helping of chocolate. The two layers of chocolate are distinct taste-wise, but the overall product is in the vein of Ben & Jerry's or Häagen-Dasz chocolate ice cream bars, albeit a cut above.

Have you tried these pops? What did you think?


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