Over the years, we've stood by as Oreo has experimented with some pretty funky new flavors, successfully, sometimes...not. If we've learned one thing from years of dogged taste-testing, it's to keep an open mind and palate, because you never know which one's going to hit that magical combination of successful gimmickry with successful flavor.

We haven't tasted Oreo's latest limited-edition flavor, Watermelon, just yet (but rest assured, it's happening soon!), but the launch got us thinking about some other Oreo flavors we hope to see on the shelves one day. Below is a sampling of our Serious Eats staff Oreo fantasy flavors:

Leandra: Coffee cream!!!! Maple! Fruity Pebbles!
Tracie: Coffee—does that exist? Because I would eat a pile of those.
Ben: Maple creme filling. Maybe walnut cookie-maple creme combo.
Robyn: Black sesame! Taro!
Kenji: I'd vote for maple cream myself instead of that frou-frou creme stuff.
Max: Ribs. Just kidding! Mostly I wish they brought the green tea Oreo to the American market. A hazelnut filling would be nice.
Carrie: 1. Coffee, which may have existed as part of a 1987 special "Double Delight Oreo" but might be urban myth
2. Cookies n creme: regular chocolate cookies outside, a mix of creme and cookie bits inside. Hopefully tastes like a Hershey's Cookies n Cream bar.
3. Cinnamon Toast Crunch: Possibly a disaster, but if they use the golden cookie outside, possibly a great collaboration.

So, what about you? What kind of mythical Oreo flavor do you wish existed? Let us know in the comments below!


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