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A sweeter version of its more savory incarnation, salted caramel risotto from Bakeless Sweets straddles the line between toasted and burnt with a dark caramel sauce swaddling toothsome grains of rice.

Tips: Toasting the rice is a very clever first step, and one not to be rushed. Keep an eye on the grains to make sure they go from opaque to translucent with a golden tinge. Don't go all the way brown; they'll harden.

Tweaks: Before serving, take a ramekin and spoon a little warm pudding into the bottom. Place a square of chocolate (the darker, the better) in the center, spooning more pudding on top of and around it. The chocolate will melt slightly, but remain in place to be discovered. I call it "coeur du chocolat", which is French for "Surprise!"

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Salted Caramel Risotto ยป

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