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Jelly? For dessert? But of course. Forget boxed flavors; sparkling wine and elderflower syrup give this Home Made Summer dessert plenty of adult flavor.

Tips: Some of you may shrink away at the idea of a jiggling dessert. Put your prejudgments aside and try this recipe. It's a far cry from Jello; the combination of elderflower and prosecco keep this off the kids' table.

Tweaks: If you've had St. Germain, you've tasted elderflower before. But don't use it in this recipe; elderflower syrup can be purchased online, or, of all places, at Ikea. Use remaining elderflower syrup to flavor gin drinks (a recipe for which exists inside Home Made Summer).

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Prosecco and Elderflower Jelly with Melon ยป

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