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This milkshake wasn't specifically designed as a dessert, but it will satisfy your sweet tooth. A handful of stale cornbread soaked in a couple scoops of ice cream and blended with sorghum syrup to taste is a slap-dash drink in typical Smoke & Pickles: Recipes and Stories from a new Southern Kitchen style.

Tips & Tweaks If you're dying to try this milkshake but don't want to make both the ice cream and the cornbread, skip it and use a really good handful of store-bought cornbread that you let sit out for a day or so. Make the buttermilk ice cream, which forms the base of this recipe. Once you have made the cornbread, try combining with different flavors of ice cream; Chef Lee has made this shake with strawberry and coffee, respectively. The sorghum syrup really makes it; look for it at a natural foods store near you or order online.

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Cornbread Sorghum Milkshake (or, Breakfast) ยป

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