Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Behind the Scenes: Making Sprinkles From Scratch at Crave Fishbar, NYC

[Photographs: Laura Togut]

Add this to your list of things you never thought to make but totally should.

One day the pastry chef at Crave Fishbar had a stroke of brilliance: why not top their cupcakes with sprinkles made from scratch? As you can imagine, that's exactly what they did.

So we went to the kitchen of Crave Fishbar to get a live demo of the sprinkle-making process. It turns out that homemade sprinkles are insanely simple to make and you get the added benefit of giving them fun flavors. The sprinkles at Crave get a different flavor for each color, such as cinnamon and cardamom. Talk about blowing the store bought stuff out of the water.

Click through the slideshow for a step-by-step look at how Crave makes their sprinkles!


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