Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 5 Traditional Pastries You Must Try in Berlin (and Where to Get Them)

[Photographs: Katherine Sacks]

When in Berlin, priority definitely goes to eating pfannkuchen, a jelly-filled doughnut which is akin to the city's signature sweet. But don't stop there—when it comes to choosing a runner-up for the traditional Berlin sweet, every shopkeeper will suggest something different, from East Berlin's slightly sweet roll, the Splitterbrötchen, to the decadent German-style cheesecake, Quarkkuchen. Some are special to the region, others are just a must when you are in the country.

While most bakeries and patisserie carry these items, not every shop does it right—look out for the Goldene Brezel certificate, which guarantees bakery goodness. We've narrowed it down even more: check out these five shops for some of our favorite Berlin snacks.

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About the author: Katherine Sacks is a Berlin-based food writer and editor eating her way through anything and everything German. Follow her adventures at or on Twitter @LaVitaCucinare.


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