[Photographs: Erin Jackson]

If you've wandered by your local Burger King in the early morning hours, you may have noticed a beefed up breakfast menu, featuring new items like flavored lattes, iced coffee, and donut holes. The orbs of deep-fried dough covered in glaze come five to an order for $1.49.


True to the menu description, the doughnut holes are only lightly glazed, meaning that you can eat the entire order in mere minutes without immediately regretting it. They're also served warm-ish, but they're most likely re-heated already frozen and glazed, not freshly fried. The serving temperature is their main selling point, potentially giving them a slight edge on doughnut-based chains, but the doughnut holes themselves are dead average: decent, but not worth the trip by their own merit.

They're heavier than most yeast doughnut holes, with the texture and flavor of a mass-produced grocery store doughnut. If you're already headed to BK for a cup of cheapo coffee and are struck with a strong craving, you might as well give this limited time item a whirl. They're ok in a pinch, but the thrill is short-lived and nowhere near as satisfying as doughnut holes from a neighborhood doughnut shop.

About the author: Erin Jackson is a food writer and photographer who is obsessed with discovering the best eats in San Diego. You can find all of her discoveries on her San Diego food blog EJeats.com. On Twitter, she's @ErinJax


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