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In reality, Boston Cream Pie is not actually a pie. But with a pastry cream middle and two healthy slabs of vanilla cake dripping with chocolate ganache, is anyone really paying attention to the name? Mad Hungry Cravings has a recipe for this classic sweet.

Tips: Make the cake layers and pastry cream in advance, storing separately. When you're ready to assemble, prepare the ganache and put it all together.

Speaking of ganache, it can get quite messy; notice how the photo shows the cake on a stand much wider than the dessert itself. A wide stand means you can pour more freely; if you want a neater look, pour ganache over on a sheet pan, let cool, and move to a stand of your choice.

Tweaks: If you want to make the cream filling and cake a day in advance, that's fine, but make sure the individual ingredients have come to at least room temperature before assembling. Pouring hot ganache over cold cake leads to cracking. Conversely, if the cake is too hot, the ganache will run right off.

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