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Spring is a fickle season; rainstorms follow sunshine, sometimes on the same day. When the weather is wet and gloomy, curl up with Indian Pudding from Old School Comfort Food. A cross between steamed pudding and soaked cornbread, it's spicy, sweet, and altogether comforting.

Tips: Surely more than a few of you will turn your noses up at this recipe for including raisins. But don't be so quick to reject; golden raisins, especially when pre-plumped in a little bourbon, are a far cry from shriveled and chewy. They add tang and contrasting texture to an otherwise smooth and soft dessert.

Tweaks: Experiment with the levels of spice in the recipe. If you adore cinnamon, increase it. Don't have allspice? Don't fret; try using ground ginger and/or cardamom, to make this more of a chai-spiced pudding.

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Indian Pudding ยป

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