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According to Wikipedia, and repeated by half the internet, in 2005 the Food Network listed carrot cake as number five of the top five fad foods of the 1970s. Given my own love for carrot cake and its current out-of-fashion status, I was intrigued. Unfortunately, five extra minutes of Google searching led me nowhere closer to the original article (What was number one? Hamburger helper? Happy meals? I'm dying to know) and I didn't get to read about others, perhaps a whole generation, who share my love.

Easter seems to be the one time when people remember this grand old dame of cakes. Maybe it's because most fruit is still out of season and we're finally sick of lemons, maybe it's because of a certain bunny, I don't care. People are putting carrots and raisins and ginger into sweets (all at once!) and topping it with a tangy cream cheese frosting. Hurrah.

I thought I'd capitalize on the good will by sneaking carrot cake into breakfast. Scones are the obvious vehicle for the same flavors as the cake—ginger, raisins, and walnuts are already old hat—and they're even amenable to a little bit of icing without turning into a cupcake. The resulting breakfast treats are moist, thanks to a combination of buttermilk (which you can't taste) and carrots (which you can). There are a lot of add-ins, so if you like your scones less than chunky, decrease the amounts as you will. The icing is also optional, but in my mind carrot cake isn't carrot cake without that cream cheese twang.

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About the author: Carrie Vasios is the editor of Serious Eats: Sweets. She likes to peruse her large collection of cookbooks while eating jam from the jar. You can follow her on Twitter @carrievasios


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