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Bake the Book: Candied Cherry Tomatoes

[Photograph: Evan Sung]

Looking for something interesting to serve at your next cocktail party? Crunchy, juicy, salty-sweet, and single-serving, candied cherry tomatoes taste as good as they look. Not surprisingly, the idea for these Cookfight cuties comes from Serious Eats.

Tips: This recipe uses a bit of candy making know-how to get the sweet balsamic coating just right. For best results, use a candy thermometer. If you don't have a candy thermometer, go by this test: "hard crack" stage, which the recipe asks for, happens when a bit of the syrup drizzled in water hardens to brittle threads.

Tweaks: If you like, use a grey or pink flake salt to add a bit more color and texture to the finished result.

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As always with our Bake the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of Cookfight to give away.

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