Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Snapshots From New Zealand: Five Must-Try Sweets

[Photographs: Lauren Sloss]

Here's the thing about vacation: you're pretty much required to eat dessert first, or for breakfast, or at the very least after most meals. I'm happy to report that on a recent trip to New Zealand I did just that, sampling traditional Kiwi cookies and ordering ice cream with abandon. In a feat of extreme vactionism, I even managed to convince myself that a brownie was a totally normal breakfast order, since, well, it had blueberries in it!

I captured some of my favorite sweets from my New Zealand eating adventures. Of course, there are some holes—I still have to try pavlova cake, which, per Wikipedia, is a source of seriously heated debate between Aussies and Kiwis. And, while I ate plenty of ice cream, I couldn't bring myself to order the bright blue (but apparently very popular) Goody Goody Gum Drops flavor.

Tell us: what are some of your favorite New Zealand sweets? What should be at the top of my list for my next trip?

About the author: Lauren Sloss is a bicoastal food-lover who is based in San Francisco. Some of her favorite things include The Black Keys, goat gouda, and guacamole. You can follow her on Twitter @laurensloss.


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