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How many times, in the last week, have you eaten out instead of making a meal from scratch? This being Serious Eats, the sample might be skewed, but the advent of services for city-dwellers like GrubHub and Seamless and the thousands of fast-casual restaurants in between has made it easy to buy meals instead of make them.

This is Lucinda Scala Quinn's battlefield. As the mother of three boys, and author of several cookbooks, she has seen firsthand her family's preference for fast food over home cooking. Her ace in the hole? Making the same variety of flavorful foods, but at home, and with far more nutritious ingredients.

Introducing Mad Hungry Cravings, a book that's as much a food guide as it is a collection of recipes. In her matter-of-fact way, Lucinda explains the state of food today and provides solutions to overcoming fast-food reliance, from stocking the pantry to making a killer Boston Cream Pie. She has used her kitchen savvy to bring families back together over the dinner table, while building the home cook's confidence with pantry guides, pep talks and recipes inspired by every corner of the globe.

From breakfast (Date Walnut Muffins) to dessert (Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies), Mad Hungry cravings is the rare book that maintains its enthusiasm from start to finish, with the savory recipes packing as much oomph as the sweet.

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Thanks to the generous folks over at Artisan, we are giving away five (5) copies of Mad Hungry Cravings this week.

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