[Photographs: Erin Jackson]

There's nothing quite as deceptively simple as a chocolate chip cookie. No two bakeries make them exactly the same—there's a huge range of textures, from tea biscuit-crisp to molten in the middle, not to mention type of chip and the ratio of dough to chocolate. I can appreciate just about any chocolate chip cookie (and count the dough as one of my all-time favorite "foods"), but Rockenwagner's take on this most classic of cookies is one of the best I've ever tasted.


Their chocolate chip cookies are thin, the crisp exterior boasting a fine crumb. Inside, they're flaky and buttery, and mine was so recently baked that even though it had cooled to room temperature, many of the chips were still molten. The texture, simple formulation, and choice of mini chocolate chips gave it a nostalgic appeal, like a perfectly uncomplicated cookie from childhood. You can get them with walnuts or without, and all cookies are just $2 apiece.


Also not to miss is the double chocolate chip cookie, with walnuts and chocolate chips. This cookie sits up at least twice as tall as the plain chocolate chip, and has a crisp outer shell similar to a macaron, but with a nicely craggy texture. Inside, it's gooey and moist, like a slightly under-baked brownie, and so tasty that even though I entered the shop intending to take a baby bird-sized bite and stash the rest for later, I finished every last crumb.



311 Arizona Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90401 (map) 310-394-4267; additional locations in Culver City/Mar Vista and Venice, baked goods also available at several LA-area Farmer's Markets rockenwagner.com

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