Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Happy Pancake Tuesday! 10 Recipes To Celebrate

It's sad to wake up one day and realize that your life has been incomplete, but that's pretty much how I felt when I learned that I had never celebrated Mardi Gras as Pancake Tuesday, and, most egregiously, never participated in a pancake race.

The race I most want to participate in is the one which takes place in Buckinghamshire in the UK, and has been held since 1445 (meaning I really have no excuse for not having heard of it.) Participants in the race must complete a not-insubstantial 415 yard course, flipping their pancakes at either end. Men who participate in the race dress up as housewives.


Until I make this an official part of America's traditions—my new life goal—I'll have to make due with eating a giant plate of pancakes and practicing my flip. Click through the slideshow to see 10 great recipes for the task.

Go Straight To The Recipes

Roasted Banana Chocolate Pancakes
Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
Whole Wheat Pancakes with Boozy Peaches
Gluten-Free Cream Cheese Pancakes
Pancakes With Apricot-Bourbon Sauce
Maple Bacon Pancakes
Chocolate Pancakes
Apple Cider Doughnut Pancakes
Funfetti Pancakes
Kenji's Light and Fluffy Pancakes


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