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There are several varieties of benne wafers in existence; some sweet, some savory, some a mix of both. These wafers, from Lee Bros Charleston Kitchen are on the sweet side, all the way to caramel. With an addictively crunchy-chewy texture, and full of toasted sesame flavor, these little darlings will disappear as fast as you can turn them out.

Tips: Keep an eye on the sesame seeds as you toast them. There's an awfully small window between "the color of unpopped popcorn" and "dark brown". Using a cast-iron skillet, as suggested, makes them less likely to stick to the pan; if you don't own anything cast-iron, take an oil-dampened paper towel and rub it on the bottom of a frying pan before heating and toasting the seeds. Since the baking time is so brief (4-6) minutes, you'll want to keep an eye on the oven, too.

Tweaks: You can dry a whole lot of benne wafers on a rack covered with parchment paper; this ensures even, swift drying.

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