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A semifreddo, or semicold dessert, normally takes a bit of egg beating and machine mixing. Happily, the recipe given in Nigellissima requires neither. Amaretto liqueur and crunchy amaretto cookies provide the flavor base, and a coating of apricot-almond golden sauce is a luxurious final touch.

Tips: Nigella notes that this is 'very much a shortcut semifreddo'. And with shortcut recipes, you want to follow them as they are, being that they're already so simple. In this case, that means having the dariole molds on hand to freeze the finished semifreddo. They can be found at nearly any cooking supply store.

Tweaks: This may go without saying, but warm or hot sauce poured over semifreddo makes a quick mess. Make sure everything is cooled before serving. A little melting is good—serve the unmolded desserts in wide dishes to make scooping up every last bite easy.

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