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Caramel Cake

[Photograph: Squire Fox]

Caramel cake is a challenge. Not to eat, but to ice. Thankfully, this recipe from The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen provides the right guidance to make a gorgeously oozing, burnt-sugar, sweet-salty mini-tower of delight.

Tips: Steer clear of icing-related disaster by keeping a few tools on hand. The trick to successfully coating this cake with caramel is to make sure it neither seizes (gets too cold) or overflows (gets too hot). To that end, keep hot water and a hand mixer nearby to mix into the icing, teaspoonful by teaspoonful if it seizes, and a hair-dryer works a treat to spot-heat cooled icing. These tips are included thanks to Angie Mosier, food stylist for the very cake you're looking at.

Tweaks: No matter how well you've made, mixed, and poured the icing, entropy usually takes over. Don't worry about getting perfectly even icing layers—the "drip" effect that happens when things get messy is a gorgeous thing.

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