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I imagine that one of the more difficult parts about being a mom will be the question of food. I hope to tow the line between encouraging the eating of healthy food and prying open my child's jaws and forcing it in, mostly through home cooking and, if I'm going to be honest, something like a "we're all eating the same thing—deal with it" tactic.

It has occurred to me that my kid might have food allergies to the very things that I love, and the idea that my kid might break out in hives if they touch a perfect, ripe red strawberry makes me feel kind of itchy myself. But I feel blessed to live in the society that we do, one that is growing increasingly attuned to the needs of those with restricted diets. And that includes people with Celiac disease.

For example, there's Annie's Homegrown, a company which is great for those on gluten restricted diets, as well as vegetarians and anyone else who likes to eat organic convenience food that actually tastes good. And now they've extended their line of Teddy Graham knockoffs, the subjectively even cuter Bunny Grahams, to include two gluten-free options.


Both the bunnies. Yep, they look the same.

Of the two new flavors, the Snickerdoodle Bunnies were the clear winner. They taste just like their namesake cookie—cinnamon is mixed with sugar and a clear hint of vanilla. They're not just cinnamon grahams, but better, and I found them totally addictive. As for the texture, you couldn't tell they were gluten-free.

The Ginger Snap Bunnies also had good flavor. The ginger tastes like the plant, not artificial "ginger flavor", including a bit of sweet heat. They'd definitely make me feel better on a long car ride. The problem is that these cookies are hard, really hard. Especially as they're too small to dunk, you're stuck with a cookie that screams rice flour (that and yellow corn flour are the main ingredients) and has no give.

As I don't believe that gluten is inherently bad and don't have an allergy to it, I won't choose GF snacks unless they are delicious on their own merits. The Snickerdoodle Bunnies are worth buying, for those with gluten allergies or no. If you or your child has Celiac Disease, the Ginger Snap Bunnies will do in a pinch, but a tall glass of milk is required.


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