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Someone Built A Colosseum Out Of Tim Tams


[Photograph: chocolatesuze]

Here at Serious Eats we like building things out of food. In fact one of my very first projects was helping construct our edible football stadium, complete with guacamole field, black bean dip end zones, sour cream yard lines, pretzel seating, Chex Mix fans, and—my own personal contribution—Gold Fish cracker players wearing sporty olive helmets that may have actually made them look like Gold Fish army men, but um, maybe I was just recreating the Army-Navy game and not the Super Bowl, OK?

Oh yeah, and then there was that time we built a train out of Bouche de Noels and the time we made a centuple-stuff Oreo, which might not be the same kind of building, but definitely falls under the category playing with your food.

I think you get the point, and can understand why this Tim Tam Colosseum is right up our alley. The multi-layer cookie stadium, created by Australian blogger Susan Thye, aka chocolatesuze, is pretty spot on. The Colosseum in Rome has "three floors of arcades built in travertine stone and a fourth storey with windows"—the Tim Tameum, if I may call it that, also has three stories with a fourth half-arch arcade. There's also interior seating and an epic gummiator battle between gummy snakes and dinosaurs (my bet is on the snakes).


Also, if you have to build a stadium out of cookies, Tim Tams are a pretty awesome way to go. Not only do they have a perfect block shape and smooth, glossy exterior, they're delicious. Personally, I'd use a sticky caramel sauce as glue.

You can check out the whole construction project here .

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