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8 Ways Rosemary Can Boost Your Winter Baking

In winter, with a limited number of fresh fruit available, it's easy to fall into a baking rut. A cinnamon-y, sometimes pumpkin-y, sweet-flavoring-sweet ditch. Want a hand climbing out? Try rosemary.

This perennial herb is a great flavor booster at any time, but harmonizes particularly well with winter flavors. The menthol notes of pine sync with lemon, elevate pear, and mellow out rosemary and maple. Click through the slideshow to see all the ways to use this standout herb.

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Rosemary Pine Nut Sabl├ęs
Lemon Shortbread with Fresh Rosemary
Rosemary, Honey, and Fig Cake
Individual Rosemary Polenta Loaves
Sweet Rosemary and Grape Focaccia
Maple Rosemary Ice Cream
Rosemary Pear Jam
Flaky Herb Biscuits

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