Pie of the Week: Sunny Meyer Lemon Tart


[Photograph: Lauren Weisenthal]

Let us rejoice, for Meyer lemons are here to bring some sunshine to these dark winter days. With tons of bright, tangy juice and far less pucker than a traditional lemon, Meyer lemons are unique for their mellow sweetness and fragrant zest. This tart is designed to showcase their beautiful flavor in a silky and tart filling, cradled in a buttery crust.

When cooking with Meyers, it's important to remember that they contain more sugar and have lower in acidity than your garden variety lemons. They should not be used as a substitute in recipes, unless you modify the amount of sugar as well. Generally speaking, I cut the sugar in half when swapping in Meyers, but the best way to be sure that the recipe won't fall flat is to taste and adjust as you go. Or, better yet, use recipes that have been adjusted specifically for Meyer lemons, like the one below.

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Sunny Meyer Lemon Tart ยป

About the author: Lauren Weisenthal has logged many hours working in restaurant kitchens and bakeries of Brooklyn and Manhattan. She is a graduate of the Artisan Bread Baking and Pastry Arts programs at the French Culinary Institute and holds a CS certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers. You can follow her on Twitter at @evillagekitchen.

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