Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 6 Gluten-Free Sweets We Love in New York

[Photographs: Stef Shapira]

Despite the growing trend towards gluten-free dishes in New York, it's far from easy to find a great gluten-free sweet. The absence of gluten, a key ingredient in most baked goods, can leave most cakes, cookies, and pastry chalky, dry, or bland. It takes bakers who know what they're doing to produce moist, flavorful desserts that are just as good as their AP flour-filled counterparts.

New York City has a number of bakeries specializing in gluten-free items with some, of course, being better than others. We scoured the city to find gluten-free sweets that taste good enough to be enjoyed by everyone, not just those on a gluten-free diet. Click through the slideshow to see 6 gluten-free sweets worth seeking out in the city.

About the author: Stef Shapira is is a Texan living in Brooklyn. A food writer and researcher with a master's in food studies, some of Stef's favorite things include dumplings, root beer, and chips. Follow her on twitter @stefontoast


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