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Wake and Bake: Panettone Bread Pudding


[Photograph: Carrie Vasios]

Look. I won't pretend that I have extra panettone lying around my house. I love it too much—that'll just never happen. But going out and buying an extra loaf to make this bread pudding? Totally worth it.

Panettone is an eggy, buttery Italian bread that's sold around Christmas each year. The tall, fluffy loaves are often studded with candied citrus and raisins. Panettone is definitely rich enough to serve alone, but it becomes a whole other beast when turned into bread pudding. (It makes sense when you think about other breads that lend themselves well to bread pudding, such as challah or brioche. This works even better, in my opinion, because the panettone has so much flavor.)

You'll love this pudding as a holiday brunch dish or dessert because it's so easy to make: leave the panettone on the counter for a few days to dry out, then cut it into cubes and let it soak in a mixture of milk, cream, sugar, and eggs. I also like to add a teaspoon of vanilla and a few extra raisins and pieces of candied orange peel. The baked pudding is sweet and soft; the creamy, custardy base brightened by notes of citrus.

Is this a rich and indulgent breakfast? Yes. But that's what the holidays are for.

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