Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 41 Cookie Recipes from the 2012 Serious Eats Cookie Swap

[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

We look forward to the Serious Eats Cookie Swap each year (more on cookie swaps here). It's become a special holiday tradition where we gather around with our wonderful band of New York-based contributors and essentially eat cookies until we make ourselves sick (and then eat more for breakfast the next morning). We take our cookie swaps very seriously.

This year some highlights included the bourbon caramel turtles, masala chai shortbread, cheddar cheese ginger stars, dark chocolate chip cookies with black sesame seeds and sea salt, and plenty more. (Told you this was serious business.) We swapped nearly 50 different kinds of cookies this year! And don't forget that very strong festive punch. See the many cookie contributions in the slideshow, with links to each recipe.

Note: these recipes from our annual Serious Eats Cookie Swap are provided by Serious Eats staff, friends, and family. They have not been tested by our recipe team.

The Cookie Recipes

Sesame Cookies »
Honey Spiced Cookies with Walnuts »
Buckwheaties »
Chocolate Walnut Bites »
Traditional Jewish Biscotti "Mandelbrot" »
Secret Cookies »
Ginger Shortbread »
Sesame Tahini Cookies »
Cocoa Almond Meringues »
Cinnamon Raisin Cranberry Rugelach »
Apple Caraway Pecan Breakfast Cookies »
Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Chip Cookies »
Olive Oil Cookies »
Layered Walnut Cookies »
Peking Duck Chinese Almond 5-Spice with Duck Fat »
Salty Oat Cookies »
Popcorn Salted Caramel Sandwiches »
Walnut Crescents »
Swedish Fudge Cookies "Kolakakor" »
Ginger Krinkles »
Mandelbread »
Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies »
Cinnamon Chocolate Chip »
Lebkuchen »
Candied Ginger Molasses Cookies »
Chewy Ginger Cookies »
Masala Chai Shortbread »
Pecan Icebox Cookies »
Bourbon Caramel Turtles with Fleur de Sel »
Peanut Butter Cookies »
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Walnut Cookies »
Cheddar Cheese Ginger Wafers »
Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies with Black Sesame Seeds and Sea Salt »
Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookies »
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies »
Cranraspberry Newtons »
Picantes Besitos »
Toffee Chip Cookies »


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