Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 11 Quick Bread Recipes We Love

We're in that momentary lull between holiday baking bonanzas, but don't put away your oven mitts just yet. As the skies turn grey and cold, nothing warms us up like a thick, hearty slice of just baked quick bread. Best of all, these 11 recipes can be assembled in 15 minutes or less and use flavors available into winter.

Go Straight To The Recipes

Pumpkin Walnut Cranberry Quick Bread
Apple Cinnamon Quick Bread
Orange Quick Bread
Glazed Key Lime Bread
Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread
Sticky Malt Loaf
Chocolate Walnut Espresso Loaf
Apple Rum Raisin Bread
Banana Bread
Fennel Fig Quick Bread
Pumpkin Amaretti Bread

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