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8 Places To Buy Your Holiday Pies In Seattle

[Photographs: Jay Friedman]

In the past few years, there have been a proliferation of pie shops in Seattle which have people saying pie's the new cupcake. That's good news because it's sweet pies that I'm seeking for upcoming holiday dinners, including Thanksgiving. Oh, it's nice to bake a pie, especially with so many seasonal ingredients in the offing, but sometimes there's no time for such tasks, which makes the convenience of pie shops particularly alluring.

I've scoured the streets of Seattle looking for a selection of pies to alleviate you of your baking burden. My recommendations are by no means exhaustive—during the holidays it's worth checking with your favorite bakery (Bakery Nouveau comes to mind, and perhaps Louisa's Bakery & Cafe and Volunteer Park Cafe) to see if they're doing speciality pies, though they might request a pre-order.

See the slideshow above for 8 pies in Seattle to buy for your holiday dessert table—we won't tell anyone you didn't make them yourself.

About the author: Jay Friedman is a Seattle-based freelance food writer who happens to travel extensively as a sex educator. An avid fan of noodles (some call him "The Mein Man"), he sees sensuality in all foods, and blogs about it at his Gastrolust website. You can follow him on Twitter @jayfriedman.

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