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A far cry from your standard apple crumble, Apple Brown Betty is the real deal. This version comes from The Brown Betty Cookbook, and features a homemade rum sauce, a 3-apple filling, as well as a potato bread crust. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream and win over whoever you're feeding.

Tips: Add a little ground ginger to the rum sauce as it's coming together to emulate a dark & stormy, but in sauce form. The rum sauce is also great to have on hand; it's not a bad idea to make extra. If you can't find superfine sugar, run regular white sugar through a food processor with a fresh blade.

Tweaks: Let the filling sit for 10 minutes before you layer it in the dish. The apple slices will break down in the flour, and you'll get more of a saucy mix that melts in easily with the bread cube layers.

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