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From kindergarten through middle school, cranberries made a regular appearance in my lunchbox. Lunch was always accompanied by some form of Ocean Spray cranberry juice, be it Cran-Raspberry, Cran-Grape, or Crantastic Punch. But no cranberry sighting was more welcome that that of the Cranberry Newton, a tarter, sassier cousin of Nabisco Fig Newton. What can I say? I grew up in New England.

I've got no beef with the regular Newtown. I'm not a fig-hater and if you offered me one, I'd be polite and eat it, but for me, Fig Newtons falls squarely into that category of benign and friendly things that you should like but just don't.

Cranberry Newtons, which made their debut in 1993, are a superior Newton. I've said it and I'm glad. That light citrusy flavor in the chewy cookie exterior is a the perfect match to the tartness of the cranberry filling. Add in some raspberry for a little additional natural sweetness and now you're speaking my language. These, dear readers, are Newtons at their finest. Sadly, it appears that Nabisco has discontinued these snacktime wonders. But fortunately with a little time and patience you can whip up a batch at home.

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