We Try Every Flavor of Archway Cookies


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

Archway has been around since 1936, so it's no surprise that it's a part of many of our childhoods. Whether it was finding the frosted animal crackers in your lunchbox or eating oatmeal cookies at your grandparents' house, it seems like that red and white box was always popping up.

Archway divides their cookies into seven categories: original, classic soft, fruit filled, crispy bites, soft bites, iced cookies, and mini cookies.

Original includes classic flavors like windmill (a speculoos-type cookie), shortbread, and coconut macaroon. Then there are soft bites and crispy bites. Maybe an attempt at a yin-yang dichotomy? Iced molasses is the only cookie in the former category, while iced lemonade and ginger snap make up the latter.

Archway also offers fruit filled cookies, mini cookies in on-the-go snack packs, and those pink and white iced circus animal cookies that just about every child wants at some point or another.


Oatmeal Raisin and Frosty Lemon

Things get more interesting in the classic soft category. Three of the five oatmeal varieties make an appearance, as well as classics like chocolate and peanut butter and wildcard flavors like frosty lemon and pecan turtle.

Those oatmeal cookies are what Archway is best known for, and here comes the trick we can't express enough. Dunk! The oatmeal cookies are chewy, with a sturdy yet pliable texture that makes them a perfect dunking cookie. The oats can absorb a good amount of milk without crumbling into your glass. It's also important taste-wise—the milk somehow brings out the spices and elevates the flavor.

We tasted all 22 of them—including six, (yes six!) kinds of oatmeal cookies—check out our thoughts in the slideshow above.

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