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I've become a big fan of breakfast pockets because I live with someone who eats breakfast at the office and thoughts of him eating sugary fruit-on-the-bottom yogurts and bad bagels makes me sad. These are a great solution—I simply bake them the day before, let them cool, wrap them in foil or plastic, and he can bring them to work the next day. (I eat mine at home, but I'm pretty happy about it, too.)

I've made sweet pockets, but since he's more a fan of savory pastries, I decided to try something new. The first filling which sprung to mind was spinach and feta because as far as food pairings go, they're a really stellar couple. They do well baked in pie form like spanikopita or as a simple bread crumb-topped gratin. They're an easy topping for pasta, barley, or rice. I'll use the combination to top an open sandwich, fill a quiche, or serve them together as a side dish, sauteed until the feta melts on your tongue. And most every diner has an omelet that includes these two, because they're awesome paired with eggs for breakfast.

I started my filling with baby spinach that's wilted and wrung dry to remove moisture that would make the pastry soggy. It's tossed with feta for salt and a little creaminess, scallions for a fresh, onion-y bite, and chopped hard boiled eggs for body and protein. Flaky puff pastry encases the spinach mixture and works as its travel case. Not bad for breakfast on the go.

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