[Photograph: Stef Shapira]

Since Talde's opening earlier this year, the Halo Halo has been the lone dessert on the menu. Finally, after much experimentation, Dale and company have given the Halo Halo a buddy to hang out with—a rich chocolate pudding served with a copious amount of extra virgin olive oil and flecked with chunks of sea salt.

This pairing alone is enough to satisfy, but Talde doesn't stop there. First, they add a cloud of marshmallows that have been hit by the brulee torch. Additional toppings of chewy, Campari-soaked grapefruit rinds and spiced peanuts are served on the side, allowing you to sprinkle on as much (or as little) as you desire.

The peanuts, coated with Szechuan peppercorns, dried Thai chili, chili oil, and pretzel salt, showcase the restaurant's Asian flavors and are tasty enough to be eaten on their own. The rotating list of accompaniments also includes crystalized ginger and almond brittle.

It might sound like a crazy combination of ingredients, but the sweet and savory elements really work well together, as do all the textures. The creaminess of the pudding is balanced by the crunch of the peanuts and salt, making this a dessert you should definitely leave room for.

369 7th Avenue New York, NY 11215 (map) 347-916-0031; talde.com

About the author: Stef Shapira is is a Texan living in Brooklyn. A food writer, researcher, and grad student in NYU's food studies program, some of Stef's favorite things include kolaches, root beer, and chips. Follow her on twitter @stefontoast

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