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I'm all for sweets with a little something savory. But I still didn't know what to think about the New York-based Downtown Cookie Company's stuffing cookies—yep, stuffing, like Thanksgiving stuffing stuffing. In the cookies. Stuffing-flavored cookies.

So we tried them, and now I can't stop thinking about them. They're kind of awesome.

They start off like a normal cookie, like a snickerdoodle without the cinnamon. They're good-looking little mounds, with crisp edges and a soft but fully cooked center. So everything's normal until you chew for a few seconds and realize—these actually taste like stuffing. Well, like sage and thyme and butter, which just translates to stuffing.

It's a bit of a mind trip. Some in our office swore there was chicken stock or some sort of meaty element in there, but it turns out it's just made from Pepperidge Farm stuffing, which contains no poultry-derived ingredients. (It does contain onions and "spices.") That's the power of smell memories, I suppose; just the taste of stuffing has you thinking about the turkey. As a little fruit accent? Dried cranberries, of course.

It sounds unlikely, but when you think about it, what does stuffing really taste like? Carbs, and butter, and spices. What do cookies really taste like? Carbs and butter. I never would've made the match, but I'm pretty happy with these sweets, I'll tell you.

Also pictured, while we're talking about the holiday: very tasty, if essentially normal candy-corn shaped sugar cookies.

Downtown Cookie Co. ships nationwide from their website.

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