Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Share Your Sweets: Halloween

It appears that some SE'ers have been hiding their not-inconsiderable decorating talents. You can make actually spooky eyeball cakes (worms included) and owl cupcakes that are so big-eyed adorable that we want to hug eat them. For more Halloween themed inspiration, check out all 10 recipes!

Next week, send in your recipes that star the original baking add-in: chocolate chips. Whether you're making chocolate chip muffins, cookies, cakes, or waffles, we want to have the recipe. So send us a few lines about your chocolate chip sweet, shoot us a photo (along with a link to the recipe!) and we'll include it in next week's roundup. Be sure to send it in no later than Tuesday, October 30th so we can include it in next Thursday's Share Your Sweets on November 1st.

If you're new to Share Your Sweets, take a peep at the rules here. A few notes: we can only take one submission per person, so pick your favorite (or the most recent shot) and send it in. Also, Share Your Sweets is just for the folks at home; no pros or companies! If you want to really impress us, crop your photo so it's 610 pixels wide and 458 pixels tall.


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