Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 6 Must-Try Pastries from Dovetail Bakery, Portland, OR

[Photographs: Aaron Wakamatsu]

NE Alberta Street in Portland has an incredible lineup of food establishments. And Dovetail Bakery, an all-vegan spot at the corner of NE 31st Avenue and Alberta, is one of them.

Food has been a huge part of owner Morgan Grundstein-Helvey's life, and that love and history comes out when you try her baked goods. While in college in San Francisco, Morgan earned extra money by selling homemade baked cookies. When she moved to Portland, she longed to get back into baking. Morgan noticed the lack of vegan bakeries around town, and she started Dovetail as a side project. Before long, Morgan had a successful business on her hands.

Morgan sticks with fresh, local, organic ingredients, avoiding processed foods and refined sugars. Only a few tweaks are required to keep everything vegan. For example, Morgan uses vegan Earth Balance instead of butter. Soy milk or coconut milk replaces regular milk, and egg replacer is used if necessary.

Originally intending to try only a couple of popular items, resistance became futile with each delicious choice. Somehow, we've narrowed it down to six baked goods that are must-trys when visiting this classic Portland bakery.

Dovetail Bakery:
3039 NE Alberta St., Portland, OR 97211; (503) 288-8839; map;

About the Author: Aaron Wakamatsu is a food blogger who loves to eat very spicy food. He also loves delicious, normal meals, but still prefers to entertain friends by consuming random fiery combinations. Please follow him on Twitter @aaronwakamatsu.


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