Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 17 Sweet Ways To Use Puff Pastry

Ah, puff pastry. You are so tender and flaky, so willing to be rolled, stuffed, and layered with all kinds of sweet ingredients. Every culture seems to love you and really, what would so many of our favorite desserts— hello, pastelitos, turnovers, and palmiers— be without you?

Now we love store-bought puff for its ease, but sometimes we also like to make everything from scratch. You too? Here's a great base recipe for puff pastry as well as step-by-step guide for making it.

Whether you're buying your pastry or making it at home, check out the slideshow to see all 17 sweets you can make using your puff pastry base.

Go Straight To The Recipes

Pineapple Dulce De Leche Torta
Apple and Pear Tarte Tatin
Guava and Cream Cheese Pastelitos
Pain au Chocolat Cinnamon Rolls with Crème Fraîche Icing and Walnuts
Apple, Goat Cheese, and Honey Tartlets
Easy Peach Turnovers
Raspberry Jalousies
Quick King Cake
Eccles Cakes (Stuffed Pastry with Brandy-Soaked Raisins)
Sour Cherry Clams
Cinnamon Raisin Twists
Mini Galettes des Rois
Date and Nut Puff Pastry Turnovers
Cranberry Apple Strudel
Summer Berry Rissoles
Pumpkin Spice Palmiers

Do you have a great recipe that uses puff pastry? Don't forget to send it into our puff pastry contest and win a trip to New York. Winners should pack their walking shoes and loose pants because they'll be going on a pastry crawl with the S.E team. Be warned: We eat a lot. Come hungry.


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