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I like a lot of things that old people like. Humphrey Bogart. Cardigan sweaters. Dinner at 6 p.m. Those personal wheelie shopping carts. And All Bran cereal.

Still, in the morning as I fill up my bowl of twigs or buds, I've had some lingering fear that I might be missing out on my last chance to eat Double Frosted Apple Os before my body can't process the sugar. Will I end up staring at my grandchildren's heaping bowls of Sugar Smacks with envy and self-loathing?

No. I'll be fine. Because the universe recently intervened to confirm that my (formerly) secret love of bran cereal is vindicated. Here's how it happened. I realized that in the course of making so many muffins for this column, I managed to miss out on an entire category: bran. I love good bran muffins—they're moist and a little nutty and have that totally false yet somehow delicious health halo around their pudgy little bodies.

But when I went looking for Miller's bran, I couldn't find any. Not in a big supermarket. Not in a small health food store. Maybe there's been a run on bran, but the shelves were shockingly bare. Just as I was starting to despair (once I get a recipe idea in my head, my entire happiness depends on being able to eat it), a little internet searching pointed me towards an alternative: bran cereal. And do you know what, in my very own cabinet there was a box of Bran Buds, just waiting to be made into muffins.

Even thought I'm sort of on peach overload, I forced myself to add fresh fruit and appreciate-it-while-I-can-you-ungrateful-whippersnapper. It was a good decision, because the chunks of fruit add a nice sweetness to an otherwise mildly sweet muffin. The crumb is moist and nutty thanks to a combination of applesauce, buttermilk, whole wheat flour, and bran buds. All in all, they're the kind of like my beloved bowl of cereal—straightforward, comforting, and timeless.

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About the author: Carrie Vasios is the editor of Serious Eats: Sweets. She likes to peruse her large collection of cookbooks while eating jam from the jar. You can follow her on Twitter @carrievasios


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