[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Apple pie, like pizza, is one of those foods that can go really low-brow and still be really tasty. Who doesn't love McDonalds or Little Debbie apple pies? No one I know.

Dunkin' Donuts must have figured this out, because they are now offering an individual fast food apple pie (again!). They're calling this new version "homestyle"—a cozy word that doesn't really mean anything. Despite the less than stellar reviews we gave their first attempt, I was excited to try one. And you know what, I wasn't disappointed. These babies are basically generic apple pie filling braided into puff pastry but it turns out that's not a bad thing.

Sure, the apple pie filling was lacking in the flavor department. It didn't taste artificial, but it also didn't taste very strongly of anything. There was, of course, a suggestion of apples and cinnamon, but no distinct flavor, and it was a bit too sweet. With hardly any chunks of actual fruit, it was basically just apple-reminiscent glop. Still, it was pretty yummy inside the super flaky, buttery, and cinnamon-topped puff pastry. The pastry had gone very soft on the inside which, combined with the sticky filling, made for a delightfully gooey mouthful. I'd definitely go for one of these over a McDonalds apple pie.

Have you tried one of these new Homestyle Apple Pies? What did you think?

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