I'm a sucker for a pretty package. That's why ever since I first saw Mast Brothers Chocolate bars, wrapped in their pretty printed paper wrappers, I've been drawn to them like a moth to a flame. But at about $10 a bar, they seemed similarly dangerous to my wallet if not to my hypothetical Lepidoptera life.

Fast forward six months. When it comes to sugar, I'm pretty self-indulgent. 6 months of wanting something sweet without buying it seemed like a feat worthy of reward. A reward like a pretty bar of Mast Brothers Chocolate.

The question was, which bar should I buy? I almost went for the one flavored with Stumptown Coffee, figuring good coffee + good chocolate = definite return on money invested. But then I remembered that I always buy the coffee-flavored chocolate, and I went for Maine Sea Salt instead.

Was it worth it? Was it ever. The chocolate is 72 percent cacao and it's so fruity it tastes like a cherry Cola. The bright flavor is highlighted by a hint of salt. I was worried when I couldn't see the flakes, but the salt, though mixed in, is a definitely there and working its flavor boosting magic.

Now I've been known to dip Hershey's Kisses in salt, but you don't have to be a crazy salty-sweet lover to like this combo. The salt, which is from a solar house in Maine, just makes the bright, freshly drawn espresso taste of the chocolate sing. No, I don't know why a solar salt house is special, but I do know this bar is.

Available online, in select stores, or at their factory

Mast Brothers Chocolate
111 N 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY, 11249; (map) (718) 388-2625; mastbrothers.com

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