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Make your day a little brighter and whip up a batch of biscuits from The Joy of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking. The warm flavors of sweet potato and pecan are nicely livened by the bite of ginger, and a mixture of almond and pecan flours keeps the texture hearty.

Tips: As with any of these recipes, replacing the Stevia for plain sugar is simple; just follow a 1:1 ratio. Or leave the sweetener out altogether and use these in place of a biscuit in an egg sandwich.

Don't worry if you can't find xanthan gum this time, but it's a good thickener to have in the kitchen if you cook gluten-free. Bake the sweet potatoes the night before to make a fresh batch of biscuits in the morning.

Tweaks: Add cinnamon to the batter for an easy way to spice things up. If you aren't concerned about sugar content, substituting pieces of diced, crystallized ginger for half of the ginger powder would add extra texture and flavor.

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Gluten and Sugar-Free Sweet Potato, Pecan and Ginger Biscuits ยป

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