[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

The crew at Ben & Jerry's never stops thinking of new ways to delight us, stuff us, and give us two-for-one brain freezes and sugar highs. Their latest pair of flavors include an old favorite brought back to life and an interpretation on a classic candy bar. Because we don't confine our ice cream eating to Ice Cream Month, we dove into the newest ice cream from Vermont's finest: Chocolate Therapy and Chocolate Nougat Crunch.

Chocolate Therapy was first introduced as a pint for a limited time back in 2005. While it continued to be featured in B&J's scoop shops, for some reason it was discontinued in supermarket form until just recently.


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

After reading the description of this flavor, you know that it is destined for deliciousness. Supposedly chocolate ice cream swirled with chocolate pudding ice cream and then studded with chocolate cookie bits, there is simply no way this triple-chocolate-threat could do any wrong. The ice cream is pure deep, dark, creamy, and chocolatey, though the two advertised flavors are indistinguishable from one another.

The one flaw here is textural interest. The mostly soft cookie bits bring nothing to the table, and we found ourselves rejoicing when our teeth located a rare crunch. But the luscious and flavorful overall product made up for any textural disappointment.

The best way to describe the new Chocolate Nougat Crunch flavor (pictured below) is a Three Musketeers bar in ice cream form, with an added crunch component. Crunch is always a bonus in our book when it comes to ice cream, and the advertised chocolate-covered wafers didn't disappoint on the crunch factor. There was a good assortment of these wafers in varying sizes throughout the scoop, and the chocolate shell kept the crisp inner cookie away from the sogginess that befalls so many of its peers.


[Photograph: Dave Katz]

The sweet cream base isn't necessarily our jam; this flavor could have avoided some excessive sweetness if a plain vanilla base was used in its place. The chocolate nougat swirl perfectly captured the flavor of the aforementioned candy bar, but had an unpleasantly gummy texture that we didn't enjoy.

Overall this is a very sweet flavor, which might work for you depending on how you prefer your dairy desserts. And whether you like the base or not, it's worth digging around for the addictive wafer chunks.

Have you tried either of these new flavors, either in pints or from a scoop shop? What do you think?


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