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People have been putting bacon on anything and everything they possibly can these days. It's rare, though, to find an unconventional application of bacon that really complements the original dish rather than turn it into a gimmick. Baked & Wired, the double-double entendre bakery in Washington, D.C.'s Georgetown that specializes in cupcakes and coffee, is no stranger to the unconventional, but the Flap Jack cupcake ($3.50) is one bacon augmentation that doesn't feel forced.

The Flap Jack, like its name might suggest, is basically a pancake breakfast in cupcake form. It's made from cake with maple brown butter, cream frosting, and a candied bacon topping. The maple cake isn't overly sweet, the cream frosting has a hint of cinnamon, and the candied bacon adds a great sweet-salty smokiness that ties the flavors together like, well, bacon with pancakes. It's breakfast in a cupcake and the bacon is actually complementary instead of shoehorned in. I'm admittedly not one to say no to bacon under most circumstances, but the Flap Jack is one instance that wouldn't make me question whether or not I would rather have just had the bacon on its own. Grab a cup of Baked & Wired's excellent coffee (from Stumptown and Intelligentsia) and a Flap Jack and you've got yourself breakfast (just don't make a habit of eating cupcakes for breakfast).

Baked & Wired
1052 Thomas Jefferson St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20007 (map) 202-333-2500; bakedandwired.com

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