[Photographs: Carrie Vasios]

Shopping for produce at a farmers market can be exhausting, with all that browsing, examining of produce, and elbowing away of other shoppers who are trying to take the last of the organic pea shoots. But if you're at the downtown L.A farmers market on Wednesdays or Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles on the weekends, you can fuel up with an individual 4-inch fruit pie from the stand Cutie Pie That.


All the pies ($6) are made with local, organic produce and it shows in the filling. The interior of the I Dream of Sweet Summer Cherry Pie has a bright, fresh cherry flavor that doesn't fall into the overly sweet cherry pie trap. I also appreciate any pie that contains nice chunks of fruit. The fruit filling of the Summer Breeze Blueberry Pie is similarly bright in flavor, holding discernible notes of lemon.

Both pies have an all-butter crust that is fat and soft, less like a traditional flaky pie crust and more like a turnover. Indeed, individual pies are not for everyone: they have a much higher crust to filling ratio than regular pie and often a firmer filling. But there is definitely something nice about being able to stroll around the stands, buying fruit and veggies, all while nibbling on a pie.

For locations, visit cutiepiethat.com


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