[Photograph: Lauren Sloss]

When I was a kid, I had the art of cinnamon toast-making down pat. Bread was buttered meticulously, reaching into every little corner and cranny of the slice of bread. It was toasted to a just-golden-brown hue, never burnt. And the cinnamon sugar mixture (which I had pre-made and stored in a small bowl, covered in saran wrap) was generously applied. It melted into the warm butter but never became overly thick or cakey.

Trouble Coffee, a coffee shop I wish was in my own neighborhood, may have me beat. Their cinnamon toast ($3) is made on thick, chewy slices of bread from Just For You Bakery in Potrero Hill. It's perfectly proportioned, rich with cinnamon, and made using top notch butter, to boot. That bread, though, really puts this toast over the edge—it does an excellent job justifying my childhood favorite while making it a sweet snack that's totally adult-appropriate.

Trouble Coffee Company

4033 Judah Street, San Francisco CA 94122 (map)


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