[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

My favorite way to eat ice cream must not be shared with my wife, who would be truly appalled if she read this. So mum's the word, but listen up.

I start with a pint of Häagen-Dazs vanilla or coffee ice cream, depending on my mood. After a proper tempering (the microwave is a beautiful thing), I eat a third of the pint right out of the container. Now comes the appalling part. I top the container (which now has plenty of room) with a high-quality hot fudge sauce. King's Road and Michael Recchiuti do the trick, and so do a few others that aren't immediately coming to mind. Nothing more is needed; no whipped cream, no wet nuts, and definitely no maraschino cherry. If I'm feeling really frisky I'll throw in a few almonds, either a few good ones from Despaña Foods or even some unsalted roasted almonds from Fairway.

Here's the beauty of this little maneuver: clean-up involves one sticky teaspoon. No plates or bowls necessary. Paper towels or a moistened sponge can be useful in case my pint runneth over with serious hot fudge while I eat this in front of the television watching a Yankee game. Again, I must emphasize that mum's the word on this one, Serious Eaters. If my wife reads this, ice cream may be banned from my house forever.


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